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(Beyond the sight)
Disha Synopsis

Young and ambitious Software engineer Hemant (Abhishekh Aanand) while developing an interactive Operating System (OS) for blind people, falls in love with a blind school teacher Sangeeta (Prajakta Wadaye). Although blind, Sangeeta has some special abilities, which Hemant tries to incorporate in his OS named DISHA. Despite the warnings from friends, roommate--Aaditi (Neha Shitole) Hemant marries Sangeeta. Hemant, an idealist and good at heart person, is slightly obsessed with his idea of success. A need of materialistic success and recognition gets mixed with human emotions that lead to an imbalance and disturbance in their lives. Nature and life have their own course of growth; Success has its own cost. Will technology be able to replace human emotions? Film tries to explore few questions about life, dreams, emotions, growth, reality, and consequences.


Hemant Abhishekh Aanand
Sangeeta Prajakta Wadaye
Aaditi Neha Shitole
Ramsharan Vikas Patil
Disha (Device Voice) Purti Savardekar
Anita Dr. Babita Prabhudesai
Aanandi Jyoti Bagkar
Shekhar Rajiv Hede
Boss Rajesh Pednekar
Jyoti ( Ramsharan’s wife)          Sraddha Gawandi
Doctor Keshav Nadkarni
Association member Ganesh Salgonkar
Yash Soham Mapare
Aakash Aakash Palkar
Car driver Gajanan Zarmekar


Cinematographer Sainath Parab
Asso. Director Dhanraj Kadam
Editor Satyawan Parsekar
Additional Edit Pradip Patil
Poems Yuvaraj Yadav
Background score compose Niranjan Pedgaonkar
Background Music design Saish Deshpande
Sound Mastering Raphayel Vinay
Sound and Mixing Sankalpana
Art Gajanan Zarmekar
Costume Design Madhuri Shetkar
Casting Dhanraj & Sainath
Production Manager Gajanan Zarmekar
Camera Assist. Aakash Palkar
Color, DI, post Sankalpana Studio.