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Intimate Yoga

Intimate Yoga

Intimate Yoga
Bajaj Films Productions Ltd.

Join Sonia Dhillon, host of Intimate Yoga, on a daily journey of self discovery and true wellness, all from the comfort of their own home.

Everyone has issues - confidence, personal fears, stress - and on Intimate Yoga, Sonia Dhillon shows viewers how to work through their personal obstacles through this ancient practice that is also the fastest growing fitness and lifestyle trend in North America today. Guiding viewers through each 30 minute practice with her warm personality and encouraging tone, Sonia Dhillon demonstrates that the show's mandate is simple: to bring yoga to television in a more complete way. "Central to the program is true wellness: not just physical fitness, but wellness of the mind and spirit as well."

Each episode is structured progressively, building on information and techniques from previous episodes. Viewers are guided not only through movement, but also through inner reflection and self-awareness, often being asked to examine honestly, who they fundamentally are. But beginners shouldn't be afraid to join in: the audience is given options in how to execute the various poses, depending on their personal ability and level of comfort. "Yoga needs to be inclusive and affirmative" added Dhillon.

Each week during the 60 episode series covers a theme, each dealing with an issue such as body awareness, overcoming fears, building confidence, and stress relief, to name but a few. "The aim of the show is not to just look good" added Sonia Dhillon. "We want to inspire people to make positive changes and motivate them to live the best life possible."

Simply put, Intimate Yoga offers a personal approach to feeling better. It's television that's actually good for you