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Let the Music Speak

Let the Music Speak

Let the Music Speak
Bajaj Films Productions Ltd.

"Without music, life would be a mistake." Friedrich Nietzche

Music is a powerful tool. It helps people heal. It helps people move forward. It helps people remember.

Music speaks to all of us: as a nation, as an individual, as a world community. Music unites and soon Canadians are invited to join host Harmony Rice (pictured above) as she introduces some of the great multicultural talent that call Canada home.

In Canada, with its indigenous culture and new multicultural roots developing from all over the world, music has become a language of communication between people; to share, to move, to inform, to break barriers. Music has no boundaries. No countries. It's all one earth and it's all music.

In November 2003, Canada Council brought several musical groups from all over Canada for a showcase in Montreal, giving each band a half hour to perform in front of a world audience. We are now presenting these rare performances in a series of 13 half hour TV shows: When The Music Speaks.

Each episode features a different band that reflects every sphere of this planet in language and culture, bringing Canada's rich diversity to light and sound. Each episode opens with Aboriginal host, Harmony Rice, introducing the featured artist/band and providing context to the music. Harmony's introduction of each band will then segue into a half hour concert show before a live audience.

When the Music Speaks is created by some of the top talent from film and TV production in Canada, including acclaimed director/writer Gail Maurice, who is making her debut as a series director on the show being produced by film and television veterans Jay Bajaj and Srinivas Krishna. Together, this team has contributed some of the most diverse and timely work for the big and small screen in Canada and internationally.

Simply put, When the Music Speaks offers a chance to personally experience some of the best and diverse musical groups in Canada today live in your living room.