1. The Man Who Saved the Taj Mahal


    A documentary film about an extra-ordinary man who saved the Taj Mahal from acid rain and heavy pollution.  It’s a rich story about one man who stands up to fight against overwhelming odds, a classic David vs. Goliath story to restore the jewel of Muslim art in India.

  2. We Ain’t Rich or Famous but We’re The Happy Pals


    Every Saturday Grossman's Tavern is the scene of a true New Orleans jazz. The band, The Happy Pals, have been playing there for many years in front of an always enthusiastic audience. This is a story documenting forty years of a New Orleans style jazz band playing in downtown Toronto.

  3. Goa-Ghost Girls


    A suspensfull tale of a famous Bollywood film star who turns into a vampire during Christmas holidays in Goa, India. She sucks blood of young virgin men and this year four virgin men and two pretty girls discover the truth when they get lost in the jungle...what happens next?