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Bajaj Films Productions Ltd.

Toronto: +1 647 707 8363
680 Queen Quay West #421
Toronto, ON. M5V 2Y9

India: +91 992 250 4763 (Goa)


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Corporate Profile

Bajaj Films, based in Toronto, was originally incorporated in 1987 in Ontario, Canada. In 2002 it was renewed under the name of Bajaj Films Production Ltd.

Bajaj Films started with development of feature films and documentaries. The first two projects were "Geeks In Love" & "White Paper". Both projects received funding from several Canadian agencies such as Telefilm, NFB, OFDC & FUND. "Geeks" was developed with co-producer Debbie Nightingale.

Jay Bajaj owner of the Bajaj Films was able to secure co-production agreement for "White Paper" from France and U.S. at Cannes Film Festival and A.F.M. In 1991 he wrote and produced a stage play in Toronto titled "Respect" at Poor Alex Theatre.

In 1995, he produced an independently financed feature film in Toronto titled "Fools Die Fast" directed by Gemini Award winner actor James Purcell. The film was invited to 11 international film festivals.

In 1996, Jay went to India and worked on Deepa Mehta’s "Fire" as a Producer during the entire pre-production. In 1998 he produced Canadian Film Institute graduate Yen Cui's feature film "Yellow Wedding" which was shot in Hong Kong & Toronto.

In between, Bajaj Films was involved in the development of another feature film “An Unsuitable Priest” with Parallel Films of Ireland & Sudhir Mishra Productions of India. It also produced some corporate videos and commercials in Canada for producers from Hong Kong and India. Jay also published a poetry book—"Erato", written by Toronto actor Heidi van Palleske.

In 2001-02 Bajaj Films produced a one-hour TV documentary "I Want to See the Music" for Vision TV of Canada. It was aired on March 14 & 17 / 2003 and on the documentary Channel in January 2006 in the U.S. The feature version of this documentary is titled "Qawwali-A Musical Journey" was released at Bloor Cinema in Toronto on August 17/ 2003 along with the soundtrack cd release. In 2010-11 Bajaj Films produced two commissioned feature length documentaries: THE MAN WHO SAVED THE TAJ MAHAL & WE AIN'T RICH OR FAMOUS BUT WE ARE THE HAPPY PALS. Both films were invited to several Intl. film festivals. Beside the documentaries, Bajaj Films produced a low budget comedy horror film titled: GOA GHOST GIRLS at the same time.

Bajaj Films has joined hands with Srinivas Krishna's company Divani Films and incorporated Bajaj Krishna Ltd. It produced CANADA GROOVES, a one hour documentary for CBC's Opening Night that aired 2004-05 season. The company produced 60 episodes of Intimate Yoga for SUNTV of Toronto. The show ran for 6 years on SUN tv & Body Soul & Mind Chnl. . After that we produced 13 half hour episodes of LET THE MUSIC SPEAK for Sun TV and APTN.

In 2015 BAJAJ FILMS jointly produced a feature film (in English + Marathi) in India titled: DISHA (BEYOND THE SIGHT). The film will be out in early 2016.

Bajaj Films Productions Ltd.

Bajaj Films is a TV & film production company operating in Canada as well as in India. We develop and produce film and TV for worldwide audiences.